About Nick

I am a grad student studying philosophy and cognitive science. I am most interested in the social and cognitive domains of psychology and neuroscience as well as philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, experimental philosophy, and metaphilosophy. My ancillary interests are metaphysics, epistemology, and logic.

Currently, I am very interested in higher level cognition, like reasoning. I am interested in the work on reasoning itself, but I am particularly interested in philosophical reasoning (e.g., moral, metaphysical, logical, reasoning during uncertainty, intuitive, analytical, etc.)—of both professional academics and lay people. I am also interested in alleged distinctions between reasoning styles (e.g., dual-process theories), between novices and experts (e.g., physicists vs. undergraduate physics majors), and between reasoning domains (e.g., logical/mechanical reasoning vs. social reasoning).

Some of my recent work in progress includes comparing differences in cognitive style both within philosophers and between philosophers and non-philosophers and predicting philosophical positions on various central philosophical questions by cognitive style, personality, and expertise (viz., years spent studying philosophy)—as well as other demographic variables. My other work (in progress) includes a computational corpus analysis of a 7.5 million word philosophy text corpus and a Western philosophy anthology eBook for middle school and high school students.

I look forward to completing a PhD, teaching, conducting experimental research, and broadening my academic horizons in general. When I am not working towards these goals I enjoy running, hiking, playing soccer or frisbee, reading, drinking caffeinated stuff, traveling, woodworking, spending time with my wonderful wife, or some combination of these.

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