A new look

I just finished updating the design of my website. The content hasn’t changed, but there’s some new features:

  1. Better social network integration. The menu now has social media icons that link to the blog’s social media pages. There are also new sharing buttons at the bottom of each post and page…feel free to use those share buttons, by the way.  🙂  …oh, and did I mention emoji integration?
  2. Better ad integration: My website costs me just under $100/year. Ads pay for some of this. Most readers have probably never seen an ad on my website because they either (a) use an ad blocker or (b) never scroll to the very bottom of the page where ads used to be located — I put them there so that they wouldn’t interfere with your reading experience. The new design puts an ad in the menu, so you’re more likely to see it. The hope is that the new ad location will (i) increase ad revenue enough to fully cover the cost of the blog and (ii) still not interfere with reading blog posts.
  3. New/Better subscription options: Now you can subscribe via email or RSS feeds from any page on the website (see the menu). Also, if you’re using iOS 9, then you can find my blog in Apple News using this link (and you can tap the + icon to add it to your news).
  4. More upcoming features: The new look is the result of using a theme that is made by WordPress, so the website now benefits from more of WordPress’ bells and whistles, support, and timely updates. This will come in handy with some upcoming projects (e.g., infographics, videos, etc.).

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for what’s coming:

  • Is failing to be reflective related to being a theist? (Spoiler: perhaps)
  • How Christian apologetics got me into philosophy.
  • What do we mean by ‘explanation’ in science?
  • Why I love modern philosophy.
  • Academic Tech: Travel Stuff
  • Academic Tech: Using A Whiteboard In The Office

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Nick Byrd

Nick is a cognitive scientist at Florida State University studying reasoning, wellbeing, and willpower. Check out his blog at byrdnick.com/blog