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Considering Third Party Candidates? A Podcast Discussion

The 2016 US election has many people thinking about third party candidates. Good news: philosophers and others have been sorting out the ethics and rationality of voting for awhile now. And this weekend, I’ll try to sort out my thoughts on third party voting with Kurt Jaros.

Let’s talk about it!

I’ll be on the Veracity Hill podcast (live) Saturday at 2pm (EST). The topic is third party voting. If you want to phone in questions anytime before the show, the call-in line is 1-(505) 2-STRIVE or 1-(505) 278-7483.

I’ll post a link to the podcast episode on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn once the recording is available. If you want to make sure that you get the link to the podcast, then just follow me on one of those networks and/or subscribe to the podcast.

Preliminary Thoughts On Third Party Voting

In the meantime, here are some preliminary thoughts about third party voting from “Voting Third Party: A Wasted Vote?“:

Is a third-party vote a wasted vote? People frequently claim — implicitly or explicitly — that it is. I will argue that it isn’t. Actually, voting third-party might be a solution to a long-standing problem.

1. The Two Party Problem

To begin, consider the two-party system. Ask yourself, “Is this the best system for nominating the greatest quantity of competent and viable candidates?” Obviously not. After all, the two-party system gives us only …well, two viable options! Think about it: the only system that can produce fewer viable candidates is a dictatorship. So any other (democratic) election system would be better than a two-party system.

Let’s call this unfortunate situation the two-party problem.

Obviously, a solution to the two-party problem requires… Continue reading →

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